Esther's Story

Esther helps to run a women’s coffee group in Kenya. They are struggling to provide stable futures for their families, as well as cope with the effects of climate change.

Millions of farmers like Esther who grow the beans for our daily coffee aren’t paid enough to feed their own families. But that’s not the only challenge they face.

‘I have seen the effects of climate change,’ says Esther, who witnessed the impact of a three-month drought on her farm. She expected to produce less coffee than the previous year, and a drop in earnings. For many farmers, that can mean there’s less money for food, education and healthcare for their families.

While farmers get a better deal when they sell what they grow as Fairtrade, it’s not just about better prices.

Esther and her farming group are part of a Fairtrade project called ‘Women in Coffee’. This has seen them earn an independent income for the first time. Farmers have learned how to look after their coffee bushes so that they can improve the yield and quality, and earn more for their crop. They are also benefiting from ‘green energy’ stoves, which means less time spent collecting firewood and less exposure to smoke.

‘We as women now know what to do with the coffee bushes. We’ve been taught and trained on how to do the pruning and the application of fertilisers... We see that our future will be raised and we’ll be self-dependent.’

There are many more farmers who don’t have access to projects like this. They don’t want handouts or charity. They want to be treated fairly and earn a decent living.

By buying Fairtrade, you can support coffee growers like Esther to build a brighter future for their families and communities. Choose Fairtrade.

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